P E T E R  S. C O H A N  &  A S S O C I A T E S

Peter S. Cohan & Associates' management consulting practice helps managers to identify, evaluate, and profit from new business opportunities created by changing technology.  Our services include:

Strategy Consulting -- We help companies identify markets with the greatest profit potential, analyze the requirements for competitive success, and develop strategic initiatives to generate profitable returns in these markets.  For example, we helped an investment firm develop a strategy to attract capital which enabled the firm to achieve its five-year goal of $500 million under management in one year;

Best Practices Analysis  -- We help managers evaluate how the most successful companies in their industries perform the capabilities on which their market leadership depends.  For example, for an insurance industry association we identified the most successful companies, analyzed their performance of critical business activities, and pinpointed how they use information technology to enable these activities.  According to the client, our report was the most popular in its history;

Business Process Redesign -- We lead teams that redesign business processes to achieve faster response time, better decisions and higher customer satisfaction.  For example, for a bank regulatory agency, we designed a management reporting system which the client called, "the most brilliant work I have ever seen;" and

Litigation Support -- We help law firms gather and analyze industry structure and competitive conduct to support patent litigation.  For example, a law firm deemed "remarkable" our work in support of its lawsuit alleging violation of the plaintiff's information technology patent.

Management Training -- We teach managers how to enhance organizational effectiveness through topics ranging from the management of technology through Value Leadership delivered via a combination of case discussions, lectures on principles and methodologies, and group presentations.  Cohan delivers much of this training through his role as a Management teacher at Babson College in Wellesley, MA.

We have conducted over 150 projects for clients in banking, biotechnology, computer hardware, consumer products, electronics manufacturing test equipment, information services, insurance, oil exploration, production and services,  medical devices, quick service restaurants, semiconductors, software, systems consulting, and telecommunications.

Peter S. Cohan & Associates' services are based on
12 core concepts which help managers profit from technology.

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