P E T E R  S. C O H A N  &  A S S O C I A T E S

You have a reputation for quality."  Babson College, Management Department Chair. March 2006

"Peter Cohan is one of the world's most respected management and investment experts."  Morgan Stanley's Discover MyBiz

"I want you to know I think you did a fantastic job!  We'll have you back if you'll have us!" 
Senior Producer, Wall $treet Week on February 27, 2004 appearance

"Your performance was excellent and we'd like to have you back on a regular basis." BostonChannel 5 (ABC) producer on September 15, 2004 Martha Stewart commentary

"You are an amazingly great researcher!" $7 billion Asian technology company executive

"I really think you are a 'brilliant mind' and I am happy to have known you!"  Marco Lasala, President, Klein Italia

"Peter Cohan is one of my smartest sources." Amey Stone, BusinessWeek Online

"The most brilliant work we've ever seen." Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) director of strategic planning on Management Reporting System developed for Division of Liquidation

"Your work saved our R&D department's budget from the CEO's axe."  $7 billion tech firm

"Brilliant and courageous." TheStreet.com reporter on analysis of 2001 and 2002 corporate scandals

"Kudos to Peter Cohan!" Fortune's Andrew Serwer on 2/28/03 Cohan Letter predicting decline in Capital One Financial (COF) right before 9% stock drop after CFO resigned due to charges of insider trading

"The highest marks of any management development program we've ever had." Procter & Gamble director of corporate training on Applied Strategic Management program

"Your name is legend around here."
Teradyne executive on 2000 telecom capex collapse prediction

"Dazzling, engaging, informative, and actionable."
Sept 2004 Factiva Corporate Reputation seminar

"Peter Cohan is one of the top two or three technology strategists in the world." TeamAsia

"Peter Cohan is the Peter Drucker of the new millenium." 
The Institute of Advertising, Singapore

"Peter Cohan flew 32 hours to Bangkok, got four hours of sleep, skipped lunch while captivating his audience for two hours.  You will love his presentation and I urge each of you to buy his book and read it!"  Michael Ascot of AMROP Hever at Hong Kong Value Leadership presentation

"Your speech was excellent. The topic was relevant and the information compelling. Every member that spoke with me after your talk gave me positive feedback and thanked me for inviting you." CEO Management Group on Value Leadership

"Peter Cohan is one of only two authors whose books predicted the dot-com crash." Boston University Chairman of Science and Engineering program on Net Profit

"Your work helped us achieve our five year goal of $500 mm under management in one year!"
CIGNA Capital Advisors managing director on Corporate Real Estate Fund Marketing Strategy

"More people have asked for a copy of your presentation than any speaker in all the years we've been sponsoring this conference." ISO SVP on Achieving Best of Breed Performance

"You have a unique ability to see around corners." Barron's on Internet IPO comments

"What a great idea!"
New York Times' Gretchen Morgenson on debt covenant compliance reporting proposal

"Peter Cohan is what Bill Gates would have become if he hadn't dropped out of Harvard." National Association of Investors Corporation (NAIC) Cincinnati  president on Net Profit address

"You have so much credibility, I'd follow you anywhere!"
AAUW on Value Leadership presentation

"Thank you again for your help yesterday.  You were amazing.  The students really love listening to you."
Babson College, Global Program Services

"You should run for President." dnm Strategies CEO after Winning in the Digital Economy presentation